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What they are saying about Alex Vann and his latest album 'Silhouettes and Pirouettes'

“ELO / Beatles Forever” Review of “Silhouettes and Pirouettes Volume 4”
“It is an album of many musical styles and some memorable songs! As it is with his art, so it is with his music. Undoubtedly, The Beatles are an obvious influence throughout but this really is a delicious mixture of tempo and content that highlights a musician at the top of his game.
You start to realise just how good an effort "Silhouettes and Pirouettes ~ Volume 4" is. Rest assured that all fourteen [14] tracks are worthy of equal mention. A cracking album, truly. [9/10]”
(Keith James Sinclair)
Customer review of “Silhouettes and Pirouettes Volume 1”
I'm wearing Volume One out on my cd player and in the car. I'm blown away by 'My Loneliness' - its so plaintiff…
(David Coggan)
Fatea Records
“There's a fair mix of musical styles - Britrock, Folk, Alt, Jazz, summer surf harmonies - across the track list, which showcases what we already know about Alex's versatility and talent…"Silhouettes & Pirouettes (Volume 4)" marks the continuing spiritual and musical maturity of Alex as an artist : easily Alex Vann's finest, most rounded and gratifying output to date”
Customer Review
“If you ever get the chance to see Alex live then do so whether it be him solo or with The Alex Vann Band, I have had the privilege of seeing Alex live on a few occasions and can honestly say that I can't wait to see him again.”
(Steve Henshall, musician)
Customer review of “White Rose and the Child” from “Silhouettes and Pirouettes Volume 4”
“The White Rose and The Child’ (S+P 4) is simply one of the most beautiful piano pieces I have ever heard. Pure Class!”
(Mark Bright)
“No Depression” Magazine
“Neil Finn / Crowded House pop sensibilities and harmonies sprinkled all over. He is an accomplished musician with effortlessly nourishing pop songs.”
(Gary O'Dea)
Spaghetti Gazette
"His music encompasses a wide range of genres… in the tradition of Ray Davies. Alex has a damned good singing voice… all in all an outstanding album of stories by a very versatile musician and fine singer"
(Pete Millington)