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Details of Alex's Latest Album:
Silhouettes & Pirouettes
Volume 4
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What has been said about 'Silhouettes & Pirouettes'

"...the album is the sound of somebody who is done soul-searching and is readily exposing it to the world..."

"...Silhouettes and Pirouettes Volume 4 offers both satisfying fullness and an insatiable hunger for more, and you just might never get enough."


"...this is an album that stays fresh with every listen.."

Thomas Roden

"Jesus Alex, your album's brilliant... grown up sophisticated pop: like Prefab Sprout meets World Party meets XTC...man it'd be a sin you don't get this heard"

Rich McMahon

"Some people write songs for a living and others share their lives through song. Alex Vann definitely fits into this second category. Like all good artists his songs live best when performed live and this album includes examples of this. The cd artwork provides extra depth to the lyrics he sings. "

James Orotayo